Advanced Powers

This is an advanced 7  Day Course – who wish to be enlightened, connect with their souls on a higher level. To gain powerful energy and to connect with the supernatural world. This method can also be used to purify yourself with positive energy and become an absolute one with yourself and the world. 

The more strict you are with the rules the more beneficial it is for you.


  1. No use of phones unless emergency
  2. No social media at all
  3. No contact from the outside world unless working
  4. Minimum communications even at work only speak if beneficial 
  5. No interaction with the opposite sex unless working with minimum contact and lowered gaze
  6. No sexual interactions 
  7. No alcohol or drugs 
  8. Do not think of any thing you have to do including projects, work or tasks
  9. Do not think of anything negative 
  10. Do not think about anybody else you are there to be at one with yourself
  11. No watching TV, if you do, dont watch the news or anything negative, violence or sex including in books
  12. Only eat twice a day before 12pm and after 6pm with min fluids throughout the day 
  13. No fried or chili foods, fizzy drinks, chocolate or sweets. Only allowed to eat boiled or steamed foods and vegetables. No juices only plain water 
  14. For women this must not be done if you are pregnant or on your menstrual cycle 
  15. Continue to take any medication as described and please email me if you have any health condition which you may think will affect your health by following these rules (we do not accept liability for any health problems) for more details please contact me 

The super advanced level 10 day course – to follow these rules strictly and do not break any of the rules and not to leave your room for the whole period only to use the laboratory. Must be done alone without talking to anyone unless essential and everything must be done inside the same room including eating. 

Follow these steps for both courses:

  • Intention – On the first day before your first meal make your intention, by reading the following statement after you have had a bath. “I intend to devote myself during these days and staying away from worldly affairs. To clean myself from anything negative in or around me, to put peace into my mind, body, soul and heart and seek protection from anything negative in my life making all my affairs with ease while seeking peace and true guidance to the straight path”.
  • Purity – Keep clean and wear loose and light coloured clothing, Each day you must be pure meaning washing oneself either by having a shower or by washing in the following order, Hands, Mouth, Face, Nose, Wiping the Hair, Wiping the neck, Forearms right arm then left, Feet right foot then left. This is the method for purity you will need to do this everyday in the morning and each time after you visit the laboratory or break wind. 
  • Meditate – Everyday minimum 1 hour can be split into 3 x 30 mins for beginners. Follow these steps, Sit on your cushion or mat on the floor with a straight back, Place your hands on your knees fingers pinched or arms overlapped by your belly right over left. Tilt your chin as though you’re looking downward. Set your timer, keep mouth closed loosely breath through your nose in and out if your having difficulty, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on your breathing, Observe your breath, but don’t analyze it. Bring your attention back to your breath if it wanders just relax it is time for you.
  • Yoga – Everyday minimum 30 mins find and follow yoga sessions on YouTube recommended 30 days of yoga by Adrian. This will help to restore and receive energy 
  • Read and listen to – Religious or spiritual books (meditation/ enlightenment ) and meditation music this will help to open your mind and increase pychic powers
  • Focus on surrounding – What energy you feel? for the first day or two it will be hard to settle in but focus on you and push hard to complete the process you will find you have to push negative thoughts out but this is how you attained negative energy so force the negative thoughts out by focusing on you and the present of being pure. Eventually you will feel peace, calmness tranquility and enlightenment.
  • Senses – Be aware of your senses and listen to them when your mind is balanced all blocks will be removed and answers will come to you about your life and what is positive and negative what has value and what does not this will give you inner intelligence, your senses may increase sense of sight, smell, sound and feelings these are your psychic and physical powers coming through allow them to.
  • Practice your senses – Practice your dominate senses first and explore them eventually they will turn into controlled physical and psychic powers.

Supernatural forces 

When a supernatural force is present or powerful energy travels through you, you may get pains and aches in your body and head. This is energy traveling through your body and opening places of your body which had been closed before (chakras). This is normal and will pass eventually if the pains are too much move on to the next activity or rest.

If you feel a presences of a force this means that this force is trying to communicate with you this can be felt physically or sensed and sometimes appear as an image in white or black it can happen while your eyes are open or while your eyes are closed or when you meditate this is normal in a supernatural world and someone wants to communicate with you, this is what people call your guardian angel.

If you feel this force or presence while your eyes are open close your eyes immediately and try to focus on the energy and the image, stay calm and do not be afraid it may feel overwhelming and powerful but it is only there to help you. Once you feel its presence and your eyes are closed introduce your self first, then ask anything you like, about yourself what you should do with a certain problem or anything else. Dont ask closed questions or leave open ended question open ask the question then present the outcomes.

Then simply listen and you will find and feel the answer.

This is psychic and physical power to communicate with the supernatural world which practiced will lead to other powers and abilities. 

There are many benefits for this course including:

  • Brining abundant positive enrgy
  • Removing negative energy around you
  • Finding a deeper self and becoming at one with yourself
  • Seeing the world in truth and from a different perspective
  • Going into and feeling the supernatural world
  • Balance your mind, body and soul
  • Gives great focus and perspective in your own life
  • Form new and use your energy
  • Explore your capabilities
  • Form your energy into abilities

For any questions or more information please contact me

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